Nikita Bellucci

Age : 23
Country : France
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Height : 1.63 m. (5.35 ft.)
Measurements : 86C / 66 / 91 (33C / 25 / 35 ins.)
Hair color : Brown
Eye colour : Chestnuts

Nikita Bellucci, the natural pleasure

For those who do not know her, Nikita is THE number one pornstars in France.

The memory of our first shoot always makes me smile. I wanted to start with a small series of portraits and Nikita, unaccustomed to this kind of pictures, was frankly uncomfortable. We laughed a lot then finally she soon became entranced by the pictures and we did all our series.
And since then, all our sessions are filled with spontaneous and natural laughter.

As soon as Nikita appears, her generous curves, her voluptuous body and her disconcerting naturalness raise the ambient temperature.
Nikita offers herself to my eye with naturalness, giving the best of herself for beautiful poses.

She is a respectful and wonderful woman with a lot of character but so nice.

Nikita is deeply involved in the women's cause, particularly in the fight against harassment and sexual abuse.

Nikita enjoys a good meal, relaxes listening to rap and especially the French group NTM and loves to have fun with big bursts of laughter.

No need to tell you, Nikita ... I love her!

French Kiss Erotica Girl Nikita Bellucci

AKA : Nikita, Nikita Bellucci, Nikita Belluci, Nikita Belucci