Age : 26
Country : Czech republic
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Height : 1.76 m. (5.77 ft.)
Measurements : 86B / 63 / 88 (33B / 24 / 34 ins.)
Hair color : Brown
Eye colour : Chestnuts

My Little Mary

Of all the girls I met, Marie occupies a special place. Today, I affectionately call it "My little Marie".

The first time I met Marie, it was in a studio where I went for a shooting with Natacha. It was late April, she was finishing her shooting. In talking briefly with her, I immediately guessed her rarity. We made an appointment in the cafe in front of the studio where we could get to know each other and discuss calmly. I asked him to pose in a workshop that I organized in Cannes during the international film festival. And it is natural that she agreed to follow me on the French Riviera where she had an undeniable success.
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Mary, always ready to help, to help people and her family, she has her heart on the hand.

Marie is a charming Czech beauty with endless legs, slender and sensual.

With a very high IQ, she is fluent in 6 languages ​​Czech, French, English, German, Spanish and Italian and is constantly cultivating in many different fields. She is passionate about cooking, literature, science, cinema and music. And has a gift for grimaces!

It's always a great pleasure to meet up in Paris or on the French Riviera when she does not invite me to her house in Prague.

Marie is a unique, exceptional girl with multiple talents and a disconcerting kindness.
My little Marie...

French Kiss Erotica Girl Marie

AKA : Clara, Colette, Colette A, Janet Kener, Magnolia, Marie, Marie P, Marie V, Marushka, Mayline, Miriam, Odetta, Salina