Age : 20
Country : France
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Height : 1.58 m. (5.18 ft.)
Measurements : 86B / 61 / 89 (33B / 24 / 35 ins.)
Hair color : Blond
Eye colour : Blue

Katia, globe-trotter

Katia is undoubtedly the most desired model in France and all around the world. What's more normal with her mouth-watering lips, her body with sublime lines and her sensuality that transpires on edge.

Our first shoot was made on December 24, since I believe in Santa Claus again! Katia is really charming and very shy but in session she is a very great professional.

Very attached to her family she finds her as soon as she can because Katia travels the world all year professionally but also for her pleasure, the discovery of the most secret places.

She can discover all the cuisines of the world, it is the French cuisine that she prefers. So much so that it became a real passion. Katia travels the world and one day she will live in Paris to create her own restaurant. As much to tell you that I already reserved my table!

French Kiss Erotica Girl Katia

AKA : Katia, Katia Martin, Melissa, Melissa K, Sofia, Sophia