Angelina Jones

Age : 27
Country : France
Ethnicity : Arab
Height : 1.71 m. (5.61 ft.)
Measurements : 90C / 60 / 90 (35C / 23 / 35 ins.)
Hair color : Chestnut
Eye colour : Green

Angelina Jones, the pulpy

I was looking for a woman with generous forms. This is a photographer friend who put me in touch with Angelina and I thank him. I immediately contacted him and we had an appointment for a meeting in his area.

After lunch at one of her favorite restaurants, she took me to a closed bar, where she had the keys, for the realization of our first sets. Excellent idea. Then she took me to her apartment for the last set of this wonderful day.

Later, Angelina accompanied me to Cannes during the festival, for the workshops I organized. His good mood, his sparkling humor, his fleshy body and generous bosom delighted and seduced all photographers.

But it's not just her beauty that touches you at Angelina, there's also her kindness and her attentions. As proof, during our stay in Cannes where we stayed in the same apartment, the last day, returning from a meeting, I find the apartment tidy and cleaned with a charming little word Angelina. Adorable I tell you.

We always find ourselves happy in a restaurant because Angelina is not resistant to good food or a good rosé wine from the south of France.

French Kiss Erotica Girl Angelina Jones

AKA : Angeline Johns, Angelina Johns