Age : 29
Country : France
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Height : 1.71 m. (5.61 ft.)
Measurements : 90B / 70 / 90 (35B / 27 / 35 ins.)
Hair color : Red
Eye colour : Blue

Ambra, the Italian smile

Ambra possesses a strong temperament, what's more normal when you know that Italian blood flows in his veins.

Her smile never leaves her and her company is always very pleasant. It's a pleasure to share moments with her.

Professional without realizing it, she is concerned about the result of our sessions. Always worried but with this desire to give the best. And she gives herself for the best!

Ambra likes to showcase her body during our shootings with very particular contexts that she enjoys without restraint. She loves to put forward and offer me the flexibility of its curves.

She looks forward to the result of our sessions because she enjoys seeing herself in photo as much as she likes to see her body moving in a screen.
But always with a keen eye and I expect no less from her. Ambra is a professional and free video editor.

If your neighbor deafening your ears while listening to Led Zeppelin, don’t complain too much, maybe it's Ambra. Anyway, she will make you zen with a little yoga session.

French Kiss Erotica Girl Ambra

AKA : Ambra, Amanita